Wednesday, November 14, 2012


There has been a recent turmoil on the different media outlets over the moral character and inappropriate conduct of some of our top generals. All the rumors appear to be true and very sad. Lack of judgment and moral character has embroiled our top military leaders in shameful moral predicaments: dishonesty, adultery, lying, cover up, just to name a few.

The whole situation has made realized that periodically, Generals and Leaders will be put to the test. Their moral character and integrity will be put to the test.

My prayer and my hope is that after we have all been tested, we may all stand unashamed in one piece, but make no mistakes, if you are in leadership, you will be tested. As you go through the fire of testing and opposition, remind yourself of who you are, identify the tactics of the enemy, don't minimize the attacks. Keep your moral compass on hand and PRAY!

If you have fallen, you can rise up again! The return path may not be easy, as it also requires character and integrity, but don't stay there licking your wounds and regretting the past...MOVE ON!

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