Saturday, September 22, 2012


Many of us very likely remember the reality show "The Fear Factor". In that show contestants had to face three levels of stunts (fears) before they could claim victory and receive the big bucks. Some of the stunts where honestly disgusting and hard to overcome.

In the last few days I have been thinking that fear of the know and unknown is one of the biggest deterrents a potential leader will ever face. Some of these fears may grow to the level of "phobias" which may completely paralyze an individual.

The first honest think to do is to acknowledge those areas where fear has paralyzed us for years. Then, we need to start facing each one of them with an opposite attitude...that is COURAGE. As we go through this process, we should not be ashamed of enlisting the help of friends and allies to help us overcome our areas of fear.

In the end every leader has to understand that unless they overcome their fears, they will never attain their ultimate goals and the dreams stored in their hearts.

If there is a theme than constantly repeats itself many times in the word of God (the Bible)  is DO NOT FEAR!. Variants of this theme are BE STRONG! BE COURAGEOUS! HAVE FAITH!.

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