Friday, August 31, 2012


I went to the High School Football game tonight here in Wooster, OH. I saw at work a great principle of leadership. Mature leaders empowering younger leaders to lead, furthermore not being afraid of stepping aside so the younger ones had their chance to lead, perform and learn.

I watched with awe how the Wooster High Marching band erupted in celebration and freedom of expression after the game ended. The band director and coaches stepped aside and let the drum majors take charge and lead the group in an exuberant, free flowing 45 mins of dancing, percussion, chanting and celebration. It was really energizing and exciting to see free expressions of celebration, impromptu leadership and respect.

Mature experienced leaders need to make room for the the next breed of leaders and empower them to try, practice, learn and excel. That's what I am talking about!

Monday, August 27, 2012


I just learned a lesson from my brother-in-law. He was reading to us the story about the four guys that help out their friend by making a hole in the roof and lowering him down on a mat so that Jesus would see him, touch him and heal him (Gospel of Mark Chapter 2).

Danny (my brother-in-law) was sharing with us how this story reflects not only the faith these men had in Jesus, but even as important, it shows how they were willing to work together, take risks and do all they could do to help their friend who has sick and unable to do anything himself.

Danny was making a point that part of succeeding in life has to do with the kind of friends that we sorround ourselves with. Your friends can make a difference and help you get to places where you cannot get yourself alone.

Good leaders sorround themselves with the right kind of people! Especially those who make a spiritual impact on their lives.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


These times call for leaders, I call them Generals. People that are able to set a new pace unashamed.

How do we spot those with the potential to lead? Furthermore, how do we identify those with the potential to lead in their area of greatest passion?

What about a burning desire to SERVE? Also called a Passion to Serve.

That is by far the greatest and best possible combination of factors: ability to lead and passion for something.

I have some other theories, but before I go there I would like to hear your opinions.

Saturday, August 18, 2012


(Legendary general "Thomas Jonathan (Stonewall) Jackson, a courageous and awesome man of God)

Over the last few months I have been pondering about a project that I call "The School of Generals" The time has come and I will not delay it any more. I start today by setting up this blog, but this project will lead to a website, podcast, you tube and different social media outlets.

Here is the vision for the project:

I believe our nation (and our generation) is ready for the training and rising of a new breed of leaders, the GENERALS.

GENERALS (in the military sense) are our highest ranking officers. These men and women are trained and called to strategize and lead our armed forces both in the time of war and in the time of peace. The forming of a General takes time, sacrifice, endurance, but most importantly a passion to serve and lead.

In the revolutionary era, Generals were usually called from within the community, as many of them already were distinguished and renown leaders in their communities.

I believe there are many talented young men and women who are called to excel in and lead our community. Their leadership is not limited to the armed forces, but to every aspect of our society and culture today, that is Politics and Government, Education, Media, Business, Religion, Science, Sports, etc.

Somebody has to identify the talent, somebody has to raise them up, somebody has to encourage them to lead. I WANT TO BE ONE OF THOSE called to raise outstanding leaders in our community. I cannot do it on my own, so I will be calling on other talented men and women to help me on this endeavor that I start today.